Memorial Day

Today is the start of the Memorial Day weekend. Many of you will be out at the beach, BBQ’n with family and friends. And yes, there is nothing wrong with spending this time with family and friends and enjoying each other’s company. What I ask is that each of you to please stop and think about what Memorial Day truly means.

Every right we have in this country was paid for with the blood of service members of each branch of service. People most of us will never know their names, or what actions and horrors they went through for the country to remain free. They were of many different races, colors, and even some that served in our military even though they were not even citizens. Most volunteered to serve, and some were drafted, but each of them bled to preserve this country and the rights that you continue to have today.

So what I ask of you this weekend is to take a moment and think about those that have died for our country to remain free. While we still have issues and problems in this country, each and every one of us is still free in this country.

Also, please don’t wish me a “Happy” Memorial Day, for this day is not a happy day but a day of remembering the fallen men and women of the armed serve. If you know of a service member today, please thank them for their service and give them a hug and a pat on their shoulder to let them know you care. This day is about the military family members that they have lost.

God Bless America! God Bless our Service Men and Women!

Raising the colors for those we lost.

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