Adoption in Oregon, Christian Need Not Apply



The state of Oregon has found itself in a lawsuit with a Christian couple that was rejected from adopting a child. The reason according to the lawsuit is due to the state-required adoption certification and training the states a person must accept gender-affirming and LGBTQ+ identities and SOGIE. You can find this in the Oregon RAFT Participant Guide PDF in section 3 Page 66.

Part of what you must accept in this process is to take the child to LGBTQ+ pride events and agree to assist to seek “medical” care to obtain life-altering drugs and surgeries. All of which completely go against Christian beliefs. Yet, you can find that the Oregon Adoption – Who Can Adopt a Child page states that, “Applicants are considered regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation.”

What a joke! I mean, if, “Applicants are considered regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation,” is really who can adopt, then why is it required to go against one’s religion to adopt? This doesn’t really only prevent Christians from adopting either, Islam and Orthodox Jews would be prevented from adopting a child in the state of Oregon, leaving thousands of children in the care of the state.

The liberal state of Oregon would rather have thousands of children under its thumb than allow these children to have loving and caring families. They would rather go against the Constitution of this nation and reject the 1st Amendment and the Freedom of Religion.

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