The Rail Strike… Let the Union and Company work it.

News Story: Why is there a possible rail strike? The rail union demands, explained – The Washington Post

First let me say that I am not a huge fan of the modern day unions today. I have seen many of them break companies and end up hurting their own members in this day and age. But I have also seen good unions that want to protect their members and ensure the companies they work for are strong enough to move forward. I am a son of a union father and grandfather.

That said…

In this current possible rail strike, I don’t believe from what I have read the unions are asking for something that is irrational. Yes, the Biden proposal was great and they were going to be paid well in the pay increase and bonuses. But I can understand that need for sick time is needed. There is nothing like having a cold and having to go to work regardless.

Sure they have the ability to take a vacation day off but are also told they need to have advance planning to take it. Last I checked, I have never planned to be sick. What makes me laugh is that this whole issue is coming after we as a nation and globally just had a pandemic where people were forced to stay home if they had even the slightest of a runny nose.

What is all the more interesting is that the Democrats seem to be the ones pushing their way into the issue with the force of the government. Not the evil Republicans that are always called the “Capitalist Pigs”. Nope, it is the current Democratic party that is currently in charge threatening to use the Railway Labor Act of 1926.

Now I am not saying that that act shouldn’t be used if a strike happens and our national security is threatened. But I do say that the unions and the companies need to first try to work it out, even if there is a strike. In fact, unlike the case of the air traffic controllers strike in 1981 when Reagan fired all controllers, these rail workers are not federal employees. All the rail workers are private company employees whom the government has no right to fire or threaten to get in the way.

Do I feel the federal government can ensure our railways are operating if the nation security is threatened? Yes, but for zero profit and only to ensure items of national security, for example, military equipment, emergency aid, and the most basic of food relief. Any other items would need to be transported via trucks or air.

Besides, this isn’t the 1920’s where the rails are the only way to transport goods.

The government in my opinion needs to keep their hands out of this. It is between the union members and the companies. And let’s face it, the Democrats always say that are on the side of the workers…. Right?

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