Wondering How Many Times

After watching this story, and looking up the actual press conference, how much further is this administration going to take it.

How far is it going to attempt and be allowed to slowly take our rights away from us. Sure the social media titans can work with the government, but this is a huge step towards government control. Why would a private company work so closely with the government looking to suppress our 1st amendment rights? Especial a company like Facebook that has in the past expressed that the support the 1st amendment and it’s post are protected by it…

This in turn made me wonder how many of my left leaning friends have ever had a political post block, deleted, or censored? I have been blocked and suspended on Twitter at least once and had a few post deleted on Facebook.

Sorry for those of you that believe this is a good idea, but you are watching a slow take over of your rights. I just read in WND that’s judge in Virginia that it is ok for the state government to force Christian Churches to change their beliefs even if it violates them. This is also a 1st amendment right. And as the left love to remind everyone, where’s the separating of church and state? Can’t have it both ways people.

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Judge: LGBT law forcing Christians violate beliefs no threat churches

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