I’m Not Going To Lie

Let’s face it, there is so much crap out there happening that it is hard to keep up. That is part of my problem writing this blog. To do it right and honestly, I don’t know where to find the extra time in the day.

So where can I find the time to write the posts about all the crap that is happening? From Covid to the attempts to remove our freedoms to own firearms, freedoms to express ourselves, and then all this new found expectance of Jim Crow laws from the left. Yes, I said Jim Crow laws because that is currently what the left is trying to pass through CRT and the new segregation attempts.

So where do I start to write? I mean I still have a full time job that I have to work to pay my bills. I could do what a lot of people do and just write crap pieces without doing their homework and research the issues. But then who I’m I serving by doing that? I could start a TikTok or YouTube account to express my views, but both still require time to research, write and edit before recording. Then after the recording, editing that too.

I guess this is where I need to quite crying about it and just do what is needed. First and most important, I need to ensure I spend my time with my most precious asset, my family. Then I need to do the studying I require to move forward on a new path I am hoping to start. (Maybe more on that as time goes.) I need to make sure to set aside time to research, write and promote my posts.

So, what is the purpose of this post?

Well, it’s more of a status check for anyone that does or has followed my posts. I guess to let you know that I have not dropped of the face of the earth. That I do have many ideas and thoughts, just not sure where to start. Or in my case, to get back into the fray.

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