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After reading some of the news on both the left and right media, I want to cry because of the hate that we have within our country between ourselves. I have seen people on this and other social media point fingers and try to justify why their side is or has rioted in the past year. I have seen both sides say the same things and tell the other side that it’s different now.

What I see is a nation that is ripping at the seams and doing exactly what I had hoped would not happen in my or my kids’ lifetime. The exact thing that the founding fathers knew would come over time because no nation in history will ever forever. I see our follow people attacking each other, many times even our own family members because of a difference of opinions. Read your history books people and you will see in our nation’s history that we fought two wars that did this very same thing, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Each of them pitted brother against brother and both completely changed our nation. One created the greatest country in the world and the other helped make it better. However, from where I sit I don’t see a new civil war making the nation better, but instead, it is going to destroy it.

It is going to destroy it because there are not just two sides to this beast. No, there are multiple heads at play here. Some are coming from the outside but most I see are from within. You can see them everywhere. Rich vs. Poor, Gay Agenda, Abortion, Race, Color, and Religion.

Where do I stand on this? I stand for the Constitution and my Christian belief, Exactly where the country was first started. Yes, it was not a perfect creation, but it was much better than what was before and what it has become. As a man that believes in the way this country was created and of my faith, I believe that we can make the country a better place for everyone. As a Christain, I want to see a country that shows others love and peace, even if we disagree with each other.

What I fear is that the only way to this is going to be through bloodshed on multiple fronts. The fronts of those that want to go back to the Constitution, Those that want to change it, Those that hate others because of race, color, religion, or believe they are protecting animals and the planet. Yes, it may seem weird to read the last line I wrote, but that means you probably have never read or been taught philosophy or civics.

Please pray tonight that we will not continue down this road we are on. Sadly, I don’t believe it will matter who sits in the White House on the 20th, but it will matter if the people of this country start to see where the real trouble is at. The false god that each side has created, the government and the idols of the GOP, and the Democrats that most seem to worship and look towards saving them today.

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