Been a while….

Well it has been a while since I have wrote anything on here. Truly, it’s been way to long. I can say that I haven’t wrote on here for a number of reasons. All excuses, each with a small bit of truth to them.

  1. Not enough time between work, family, and taking care of the household.
  2. Trying to keep the peace with family and friends.
  3. Tired of the fake news and the polarization of the country. This includes those of the left and right creating the split between us.
  4. Time for writing sometimes takes so much, especially when I want to write my opinions, poems, short stories, and Christian lectures. This one is very easy for me to blame. I know my views are not popular with many people. Mostly on the left side of the political aisle. Writing my Christian views about the way we are, well may really turn some family members away from me because of their world views. Then when it comes to my poems and short stories, if I write them on here with my political views and Christian beliefs, am I going to have a following?

Sure I can use anyone of those excuses to stop me from writing. To stop me from expressing my messages to others. But I have to see in my own heart that if I don’t do this I could be part of the problem I see in the world today. People hating each other because of just a one dimension of that person. They don’t see the full picture of who that person is.

So where am I taking this? I am going to post on this blog my views on politics, history, my poems and short stories, possible vlogs or podcast (if I start doing them), and especially my Christian views of where we are doing good and failing as a people, and nation. On my other blog, I will only post my poems and short stories. I want to do this because I know some will not want to read the political views I post, so they can just read my poems and short stories on Little Slices of me.

On Little Slices of Me, you will find poems, short stories, photos of landscapes and macro photography. While I will not post political or Christian commentary here, some poems and short stories may have overtones in them.

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