Third Update – PSA Don’t become a Touron


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Yet another update to the PSA: Don’t become a Touron. In this update, a true touron is caught on his video tempting fate with a couple of black bears. I say true touron as this person had outright ill intentions in scaring black bears. Watch his stupid attempt to have his face ripped off below.

As you just watched, this man was a very lucky man that these bears were smarter than he was. Had either of these bears been mothers with a cub in the forest behind them, the outcome would have been entirely different. Not to mention, had the bears been the more aggressive grizzlies in the area, he may not have even had a chance for a second thought.

Per the news story from the Cowboy State Daily, Park Services stated that if charged it would be a Class B misdemeanor with up to 6 months in jail and a $5,000 fine for disturbing the wildlife, disorderly conduct (create/maintain a hazardous condition), and/or approaching wildlife. I hope they find and find this man guilty and are shown as an example.

Why do I want this to be used as an example? For starters, the actions of this man were beyond dangerous. He could have been killed and now with the current social media copycats, starting a deadly trend that others may try to reproduce. Had either of these bears attacked the man, that would possibly also caused the death of the bears. The second reason I want this person to be found and used as an example is because of the number of people that have been tourons in Yellowstone this year. If I posted each and every video or picture in an update, the update number would probably be well over 50 by now.

As before, please contact the National Parks Service if you know this man, or have information that will help catch him. Yellowstone National Park Tip Line at 307-344-2132 or

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