Hate it, But Forth Update – PSA Don’t become a Touron


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This year has been a bad one for tourons in Yellowstone National Park, but I have to address a situation in the neighboring Grand Tetons.

In this case, two men approached and touched a bison calf on June 4, 2023. They were caught on camera smirking as the calf ran off, I guess pleased that they unknowingly risked this calf’s life. They risked the calf’s life by touching it and causing the poor calf to run away near a road and also possibly be rejected by its herd. Thankfully, in this case, the calf was not rejected by the herd.

This situation happened around 1:00 pm on Sunday, June 4 at the southern end of the Elk Ranch Flats. If you know these men or were a witness to the event, please contact the Grand Teton Park officials on their Tip Line (307)739-3367 or the Teton Interagency Dispatch Center (307)739-3301.

There was also an event that happened over Memorial Day weekend that I had not covered earlier. However, in the linked news story in this post, I must cover also. On the Montana side of Yellowstone, a group of people found an elk calf, shoved it into their car, and took it to a police department in West Yellowstone, Montana. Sadly, this calf’s condition is unknown as it ran off into the forest. There is a possibility that this calf is still alive and doing well, but the time of the year tells me it probably is not well. It is more likely that the calf is either starving if it was too young to eat the grasses in the area, or has been taken by a predator.

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