Logo Removal -Update

So as I stated in the first post about the removal of the company logos and mascots, now the families of the mascot model for Aunt Jemima are upset. Yes, They are upset that the removal of the Aunt Jemmima mascot and model is a erasing our proud family history. They are now afraid that the history of their family will be lost for all to know and see.

They are proud that their history show how a former slave became a model for the Aunt Jemima mascot. They are proud that at a time when most black men and women could hardly find work, their great-grandmother was not only able to have a job, but also travel the country. Travel the country at a time that Jim Crow laws were just starting to be created.

Stop erasing our history! Good and bad is how we came to this point. Erasing it will only bring us to reliving it all over again. Removing these logos, brands, and mascots will not change our past but only create more issues.

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