You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

News Story: California asks residents not to charge electric vehicles, days after announcing gas car ban |

You really can’t make this stuff up.

The state of California just banned gas powered cars starting 2035 to help fight climate change. You know that thing that has been ever since the world started turning. But that isn’t the issue here.

What the issue really is, California can’t even keep the electrical grid up during hot weather now. So, how are they going to be able to support an electrical grid that can support the A/C’s and all the electric cars in the future? Yes I know they may be able to upgrade the grid by that time, but how did they get into the current issues they have now?

The funny thing is that the whole plan is to stop using fossil fuels and be more environmentally safe. But how do are they going to generate enough power to support an electrical grid that already fails without the added electrical cars? Many believe they wind and solar plants is the answer. The sad thing is that each of these power generators remove thousands of acres of land from the natural habitats of thousands of animals. So, not very environmentally safe.

Could they use nuclear power? Or maybe water generations? Sure. However, many people don’t want the nuclear power plant in their backyard and, well California is horrible with water conservation even in wet years. I highly doubt that will be the savior of the power grid.

So, my question is exactly how does the state of California plan of being able to support a power grid that will be able to generate enough power for a million new electric cars and trucks?

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