What Is Wrong With These People!

News Story:

How did any adult in this world believe a game where adults and minor children lick marshmallow cream off clear plexiglass while facing each other was a good idea? They knew exactly what it would look like and that it was nothing more than an adult fetish. Then to see one of the adults reach around the plexiglass and push the student’s face into the plexiglass was simply gross.

Then read that the students did not know what the game was until they were in the gym to play the game. I am sure most of the students that volunteered to play the game would not have signed up before the game. If I was a parent in that school district I would be after each one of the teachers that went along with the sexual fetish game to be fired. There is absolutely no reason for a single teacher to think it was a good idea.

We send our children to school to learn what will help them prosper as adults. We don’t send them to be groomed and molded into some sick perverted teacher’s toy.

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