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News Story: DC, New York can handle migrant buses if border towns survived thousands of migrants daily, Texas mayor says | Fox News

I couldn’t agree more with Texas on this. Texas and other border states get flooded with illegal immigration every day. They come in the thousands and states like New York who don’t have to deal with the flood just sit back and thumb their noses at the problems. They tell the states that have to deal with it that the border shouldn’t have a wall. They believe that it is only a state issue and those states should deal with it. At the same time states like New York also support the illegal immigration and want the border to stay open.

Now, as a grandson and son-in-law of immigrates, I don’t have a problem with people coming to the US for a better life. Hell, I wouldn’t be here or have my wife if it wasn’t possible. However, there is a process that needs to be followed to ensure the immigrates are not criminals, and that the people are properly vetted. No country in the world has laws that just let people in without those processes.

States like New York don’t have to deal with the mass volumes of people entering into their states from other countries. They don’t have to deal with the poor health many of them arrive in. They don’t have to deal with the dead or dying people because of some low life “coyote” that abandoned them or raped them as payment. Image be a Border Agent and coming across a young girl of 13, the same age as your daughter back home. She is half dead, dehydrated, clothes almost ripped off girl, and bloodied because some “coyote” wanted sex and payment for his guiding her to the US. That crap does happen and border states deal with it regularly.

This is why we need to enforce the immigration laws and prevent people from illegally crossing the border. It would protect people from being abused and killed because they want a better life. That is why there is a process that immigrates need to go through to weed out the criminals and stop the “coyotes” from taking advantage of innocent people.

Yes, I support the Texas transfer of illegal immigrates to non-border states that thumb their noses at border states. Since they want to act as if it isn’t a real issue, then they need to have a taste of it through a few bus loads the illegal immigrates. They need to redirect their general funds to the very humanity acts that they believe the border state have to.

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