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I have said it before and I will say it again. Stop tearing down our history. Yes, we have had bad people in our history. Some were not actually bad during their times, we just view them that way today because of changes in our modern minds. However, many of those people made us who we are today as a people and nation.

Currently it seems people would rather hide our past and rip apart everything that created the nation we are today. They forget that even though we had some people that believed in bad things, such as slavery, if they were not part of our history we might not even be a nation today. It is kind of like this, if you had a great-great-grandfather that was a murdering bank robber, does that mean you have a bad family? Does that mean you are a bad person? No, not at all. In fact that person’s past actions may have been the reason your great-grandmother or father run away from home to get away from him. And in that action made better choices that helped make you, you.

So yes, each of the people in our history may have done bad things or believed in wrong things, it still helped us become who we are today. I am sure in most of our histories in our own families we can find a few relatives that were disowned for their bad natures. Yet those people still changed the course of how your family moved forward for the good.

Tearing down the monuments and statues are nothing more than an uneducated action to remove what you can’t understand or are scared of. It does nothing to promote better relationships, education to ensure we don’t continue down a bad path, or remind us of where we have been and how to prevent future problems. That is why groups like ISSI and the Taliban would tear down status of Bubba, monuments of ancient kings, and buildings that honored others. They were scared of others learning about different cultures and in some cases a possible better way of life.

It does not help that magazines like Popular Mechanics just released a story that actually promotes tearing down statues and monuments. Sure they didn’t actually promote Black Lives Matter, or other organizations, but it sure seem pretty supportive when we just recently saw that a person was crushed by a statue they were tearing down.

The happened in Portsmouth, VA. A place that I remember well from my time in the Navy. I remember the very statue that he was tearing down too. It wasn’t far from two other historic locations. The first would be a house where Benedict Arnold was held captive by the British during the Revolutionary War before becoming a turn coat. The second was a house where Abraham Lincoln stayed during the Civil War. Both houses are now part of the history of how we came the nation we are today. Just like the Confederate Monument Statue that was being destroyed near by.

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