Force Feeding the Children LBGTQ+ Agenda



I would love to say that a story as I listed above is some kind of new thing problem. Nope, there are a number of states, school districts, and towns that have tried to work this type of agenda into the public school system.

What is the issue? Well, the issue really isn’t that the school districts are forcing the LBGTQ+ agendas on the children as much as it is the schools trying to remove the 1st Amendment from the schools. There have been schools that do this over many other topics, Pro, Gun Control, and Prayer. In each case, they have attempted to remove the rights of students and staff from their 1st Amendment rights.

What I find interesting is that these same school districts have no problem forcing children to support the LBGTQ+, CRT, or other liberal ideologies. If a student comes in wearing the pride flag on a shirt and student complains, it’s the complaining student that must learn to be more diverse. But if a student wears a 2A pro-gun shirt and a student complains because they are scared of a picture of a gun, the student wearing the shirt must turn the shirt inside out or change. This goes as far as a teacher that would pray for the safety of the student football players on his own was fired when Christian students started to join him. He never forced the students, and even students from the other team joined him on their own.

There was a time when schools would allow students to wear these types of religious, pro-gun, and political messages from both sides and allowed students and teachers to express their religious beliefs openly. In those days we didn’t have school shootings, students would stand up for kids that were getting bullied, and really there were no teachers sleeping with their underage students. It was more important to teach the students history, math, English, and trades than political messaging from the liberal side.

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