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DHS Statement:


History of Hitler’s Removal of Opposition:

It would seem that the closer we get to the 2024 election the more truth comes out as to where the liberals want to take the United States. I say this because the DHS and the statements and views of that department have surfaced. The DHS has used a pyramid of far-right radicalization per multiple news sources. This pyramid, it lists various extremist groups on the top that are small but of a high level of extremism. Then as the pyramid gets more prominent and the organization is less extreme you found groups like the NRA, The Heritage Foundation, CBN (Christian group), and even the GOP. The fun thing is that the list includes Fox News even though the news organization is currently being shunned by many on the conservative side and the NRA itself is getting shunned by many pro-Second Amendment supporters for its more recent actions.

What really should draw your attention is the fact that each of these groups on the lower two levels of the pyramid are pro-Constitution groups and pro-Christian groups. Both are groups that are anti-abortion, anti-child mutilation and puberty blockers, and pro-family. Really everything the liberals are for. So really, anyone that does not tow the liberal line is now a possible far-right radical group.

While I was reading the news of this new DHS statement I started to think about where I have heard this type of situation is in history. Then it hit me very quickly of my reading of the Communist Manifesto and how Marx and Engels wrote how to break the family break to ensure they can teach the children how they should really believe. You know, cut the parents cut to ensure that a family’s personal belief in God was crashed and all personal autonomy was removed. That way they could create the various classes of people they needed.

Then came the next revelation to me. The fact that Hitler used similar tactics to remove his oppositional parties which kept him from being able to take rule over the German government. Just what I feel that the current liberals in office are trying to do right now. Start to bluff the American people into thinking that the GOP is nothing but radicals that want to take over the country, while the Democrats are the saviors of the democratic process. Really that same thing is shown in other places in history too, Mao, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, and others on the left side of the political aisle.

You can see the workings of this move in how the Biden administration is interjecting itself into local school districts when it comes to the perverted and pornographic books on transgenderism they believe should be in the school libraries. Books that if they were Playboy, Hustler, etc. would be rejected and banned from schools ASAP. They are just as graphic in the depictions of sexual interactions as what we currently say is illegal for children to watch on the internet. But the Biden Department of Education is forcing its way into the local schools. They are doing this by way of saying books that depict sex acts between children and adults, homosexual sex, and As I was looking to ensure my links were correct, acts of bestiality.

This isn’t just a culture war that we are watching in America and most of the world today, It’s a war for our souls.

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