Defunding the Police… Bad Idea.

It is so sad to think that because of one bad cop that placed his knee on the neck of a criminal has created such issues in the nation. Worst is that this was one case where it seems like everyone in the nation, including the police forces around the country said it was abuse. But now we have weak liberal politicians wanting to defund or in the case of Minneapolis to disband the police.

What in the world is that logic coming from? What in the HELL do they think will come out of disbanding the police?

I will tell you what is will turn into. It will be a blood bath as the criminals learn there is no cops to stop them. If you live in the area and think your loved ones are same, well you better be armed. Rape of your women and young girls will soar. Your car will be gone, along with everything else you have.

Many of these criminals will be new ones that the police actually kept them straight. Some will be from other towns that now see the golden pot at the end of the rainbow. The whole city of Minneapolis will turn into a third world country ever fast.

If I was a cop in the city as of these point, I would hand over my badge and tell the city where they can go… And truly that is exactly where they will be going. If I was part of the security force for the mayor and other city officials, I would leave because you now are the only ones between the criminals and the officials that just voted against law and order.

What truly worries me on the national level is that I see a blue flu coming. I really can not blame a single officer if that happens, especially in those liberal cities that want to defund or disband the police force. It also scares me that many of the people that decide to leave those cities will start to move into rural America that is normally very small town and cities that can support the increase of city people. However, I will say that if the criminals try to move into those rural places will find out the hard way that unlike the liberal city, rural America know and embraces the 2nd amendment fully.

Minneapolis To Disband Police Department

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