Corporate and Government- Allis in Censorship and Loss of American Rights

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This should scare every American that believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It shouldn’t matter if you are on the left or right of the political mindset. Just the very idea of corporations and the government working together to limit public opinion should scare you.

Sure, you can say that misinformation can be dangerous. Sure, you can say that a corporation has the right to block whoever they want from using its services. And I agree in both cases.

However, the government does not have the right to block your freedom of speech regardless of the possible danger. And no, having a law that bans people from yelling “Fire!” In a building, it is not the same. Every person can yell it if there is a real fire, but if it is to create panic for no reason it is not covered by the first amendment because it removes people’s right to safety. It is the same reason your right to protest peacefully is protected, but the moment you pick up a stone and throw it through a window is not.

You may not agree with peoples’ opinions or even think that the message is dangerous. But as long as the reader can search for other opinions that may counter them, the danger is limited to one’s responsibility to do their research. And yes, every person today in the UScano research extremely easily. You know that thingcalledl the internet is available to everyone in the US. And guess what, it’s free in libraries and many stores throughout the country.

Now, let’s go backto a couple of hundred years ago. Let’s say 246 years ago. Just before the American colonists wrote the Declaration of Independence. Image if when Benjamin Franklin wrote his letters to the editor pieces under the name of Silence Dogood were blocked by the publisher. True, Franklin was the publisher in this case, but had he used his real name, well he wouldn’t have been a founding father but maybe one of the first to die for the cause.

You see, the First Amendment was created to protect us from what could have happened to Benjamin Franklin and the separation between corporations and the government is needed to ensure all people’s opinions and beliefs are and can be open and free. Had the British had monitors of the paper, which they did do in time, Silence Dogood would not have been a voice to help the rebellion to start.

Now think of it this way,Weres Benjamin Franklin’s opinions andcommentst considered safe for the British overlords at that time? Hell no, they were very much illegal or close to it because it was a thorn in the British side. Just as many deem the possible misinformation of masks / no mask opinions, Vax or anti-vax opinions. But to have the government and corporations working together to stop any one person’s opinions or views, Silence Dogood is standing before the shooting squad and the order to fire is just seconds away…. And so is your freedom of speech, left or right opinions included.

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