Arizona State Rep. and Preacher Hides Bibles


Arizona State Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton was caught on camera removing and hiding Bibles that were on the tables of the House’s members-only lounge. According to the story, on March 23 the House of Representatives was alerted to the disappearance of the Bibles that are normally left on display in the lounge. This lounge is a restricted area near the House Floor where representatives can quickly take a phone call or talk with other representatives during breaks between votes.

The House Security team responded and found the missing Bibles hidden under couch cushions.

After a couple of weeks, the Bibles once again disappeared. After a short search, the missing Bibles were once again found, this time in a refrigerator in the kitchen nearby. However, unlike the first disappearance, the Security team placed cameras in many common areas within the House building, but for some reason none within the lounge itself.

On a third disappearance of the Bibles on April 10 while the House was in session, cameras caught Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, a Democrat and Presbyterian minister removing the Bibles and hiding them under two sofas in the lounge.

At the time of the story, Rep Stahl-Hamilton has not responded to Fox News’ questions.

My question is, why would a person that is according to their published bio a minister of a Christian denomination hiding Bibles? Did she leave the faith or is she allowing an organization, Democrats to rule over her beliefs?

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